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The Types of Subsidies Which May Benefit You in Need in Taiwan   (2015.02, Storm Media Group)

In Taiwan, if you are looking for subsidies on birth, child care, education, elderly people, health, or even on career development and the like in your cities or counties, we recommend the provided link for your easy use, which we believe is of interest and will benefit you a lot in need. 


Top 10 Safest Countries in the World to Settle in 2014  (New Source: lifestyle9.com)

We have listed the safest countries based on statistical analysis report from “Federal Bureau of Investigations”. Now with no further introduction let’s move on to see the safest places around the world. Pack your bags and start the journey.


Big 4 Ways to Stretch Your City Budget & Help Your Residents Save Money with NLC's Business Partner Programs  (2015.02.24, NLC)

(Source: This news is shared by National League of Cities (NLC) of U.S.A.) As the Congressional City Conference approaches and city officials coming to Washington, D.C. focus on advocating city interests before Congress, attendees will also have the opportunity to learn about NLC programs that bring savings and solutions to cities.


Big Ideas for Small Cities   (2015.02.24, NLC)

(Source: This news is shared by National League of Cities (NLC) of U.S.A.) The National League of Cities’ Big Ideas for Small Cities event invites six prominent mayors from small cities to share one compelling and creative idea that made a dramatic difference to the future of their community.


Watch Council Meetings Online   (2015.02.20, LGNZ)

(Source: This news is shared by Local Government New Zealand (LGNZ) of New Zealand.) Aucklanders can now watch Auckland Council’s governing body and four main committee meetings online live or on demand.


Barcelona Named ‘World’s Smartest City  (2015.02.19, Cities Today)

The Spanish city of Barcelona has been ranked the world’s smartest city, beating off competitors, New York, London and Singapore, with Rio de Janeiro missing out on a top five position.


Prosecutors Seeking to Detain Tainan Speaker   (2015.02.10, China Post)

The Tainan District Prosecutors' Office (台南地檢署) is seeking to detain Greater Tainan Speaker Lee Chuan-chiao (李全教) and three others for allegedly buying votes during the speaker election campaign period.


Poll Shows Emerging Third Force in Taiwan Politics   (2015.02.09, Taiwan News)

Taiwan Think Tank’s poll results continue to show glum figures for the ruling party regarding public opinion of the nation’s leaders. The people are not happy with either the president or the premier, with 68.1% of those surveyed indicating they are not satisfied with the performance of President Ma Ying-jeou, while 48.4% feel that new Premier Mao Chih-kuo’s performance has been unsatisfactory so far.


Eric Crampton Says Local Government NZ's Funding Report Deserves Better Than John Key's Dismissal   (2015.02.05, LGNZ )

(Source: This news is shared by Local Government New Zealand (LGNZ) of New Zealand.) It turns out that you can both agree with Local Government New Zealand that we need to change how local government is financed, and with the Taxpayers’ Union that a lot of local governments could be more efficient.


Inequality, Instagram and Incubators: The Month in Economic Development   (2015.02.05, NLC )

(Source: This news is from National League of Cities (NLC) of USA.) Is hosting a major sporting event a good economic development strategy? Can 'Instagram walk-around tours' help cities attract visitors? All this and more in our economic development roundup:http://bit.ly/1zcW4JW.

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