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Lin Chin-chang, President of the Taiwan Local Councils Representatives Community Forum (TCF), is going to attend the 2016 Japanese Local Councilors Alliance (JLCA) on March 13, 2016 to Tokyo Japan. He will deliver a brief speech at the 2016 JLCA General Meeting to the attendees. Reportedly, there will be approximately 150 councilors from all over the country in the meeting.   (February 24, 2016 Taipei, Taiwan)


Find links to Photo Gallery from the 2015 Global Councils Forum (GCF) and Annual Meeting of Taiwan Local Councils Representatives Community Forum (TCF) in Taipei  (August 29, 2015, Taipei, Taiwan)


Taipei City Council Video Guide   (June 5, 2015, Taipei, Taiwan)


Kaohsiung City Council Gallery   (JUne 5, 2015, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan)


Academics Criticize Ko Parking Camera Plan   (2015.04.30, The China Post, a Taiwan Media)

Several law experts from National Taiwan University (NTU) yesterday joined a district court judge who criticized Taipei Mayor Ko Wen-je's (柯文哲) idea of using surveillance cameras to arrest individuals who violate Taipei City parking


Stronger Local Government, Better Future for Communities in Ukraine   (2015.04.28, FCM)

(Source: This news is shared by Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) of CANADA.) Today Chris Alexander, Canada's Citizenship and Immigration Minister and Brad Woodside, President of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM), announced an expanded partnership with local governments in Ukraine.


Elections, Meet Academia; Academia, Meet Elections   (2015.04.22, NCSL)

(Source: This news is shared by National League of Cities (NLC) of U.S.A.) “Elections are the way we measure the democratic process,” said Kathleen Hale, associate professor at Auburn University in Alabama. “As technology changes, and the pace of change accelerates, having top skills in the part of our government that measures democracy is critical.”


State Industrial Hemp Statutes   (2015.04.16, NCSL)

(Source: This news is shared by National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) of U.S.A.) In recent years, legislatures in several states have moved to promote the development of industrial hemp production. Industrial hemp can be used to make food, fuel, fabric, plastics, construction materials, textiles and paper, to name a few uses.


Three Ways Cities Can Help Employees Build a Secure Retirement   (2015. 04.14, NLC)

(Source: This news is shared by National League of Cities (NLC) of USA.) It’s important for public sector employees to plan and save for a comfortable retirement —whether they are just getting started in their career or have been working for their cities for some time. While many public sector employees will receive a defined benefit pension, it is unlikely to cover all retirement costs. And not all public employees will fully vest in their pension while some do not participate in Social Security.

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